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NORSK Order EHF Access Point

Amili Access Point is designed for all types of businesses, with a focus on quick implementation to get you started in a few days.

Our service boasts a DFØ-approved og PEPPOL-sertified access point, enabling seamless EHF invoicing.

You can send or receive EHF invoices from across the EU. Here is a list of countries that are part of the PEPPOL network.

With our solution, you gain an integrated transaction portal coupled with support available from 08:00 – 16:00.

Pricing Details

Monthly Fee: NOK 549,-

Transaction Fee:

NOK 2,- per transaction.

We're proud to support a myriad of EHF formats, including EHF 3.0, EFH Forward Billing, and more.

Terms and conditions for access point